IGCON 2018 Demo

IGCON 2018, PEI’s only gaming convention (thus far) is happening Feb 10th and 11th and, like last year, we’ll be there to stage a demo of our activities.  We’ll have static displays plus some fighting and dancing.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to drop by, say hello, and see just what it is we do.

Any questions about the demo can be directed to the Chatelaine (chatelaine@ynysygwaun.eastkingdom.org) or the Seneschal (senseshal@ynysygwaun.eastkingdom.org).

The convention is being held at the Eastlink Centre this year.

IGCON’s Facebook page:
IGCON 2018

Eastlink Centre:
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The Society of Creative Anachronism in PEI, Canada